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All Products Are Proudly crafted with 100% American Labor

Private Label

About ProductAbility

ProductAbility has manufacturing facilities in Jamestown, Dunkirk and Buffalo New York. Manufacturing operations employing differently-abled people, ProductAbility is best known for the specialized military gear it manufactures as Allied Industries. This incredibly rugged equipment is used by special operations personnel throughout the United States military, including the nation's most elite forces. Today, civilian military, tactical, and law enforcement versions of this special gear are available to discerning consumers through the ProductAbility line of high quality, durable products. Allied Industries takes great pride in manufacturing tactical and military gear for the US Armed Forces. We have been a supplier of various packs, pouches, carriers, vests, MOLLE systems, cargo bags, straps, and more. We have high level experience manufacturing these unique pieces of essential gear for our men and women in the military. We have been a featured supplier to the Air Force, Army, Marines, and Special Forces for over 30 years.


Made in the United States of America

ProductAbility takes great pride in our commitment to manufacturing items in the USA! We truly believe that in order to keep our armed forces safe and protected, they should be using American-made products. We know that while many manufacturers and private label sewers have taken their work overseas, ProductAbility has remained committed to employing an American workforce and ensuring that quality military and tactical products are made right here in the USA. We also remain committed to giving opportunities to people with disabilities. For years, we have provided jobs to differently-abled persons. These unique people take great pride in their work and craftsmanship. You can see it in our quality. The US Military has trusted us and our employees for over 30 years.


Private Label Sewing

In addition to the work Allied Industries does for the United States Armed Forces, our ProductAbility division offers private label and contract sewing capabilities. We pride ourselves on being flexible and creative. As stated above, we primarily serve the U.S. Military, commercial & manufacturing customers. However, we have been called upon to sew just about anything you can imagine; from dog vests/backpacks to safety vests to kid’s backpacks. We can do it all! More often than not, our industrial sewing clients come to us with just an idea or very basic plan of what they are trying to create. This is true of our established customers as well as companies just starting out.


Prototype Department

Our experienced design team can take the client’s idea and turn it into a prototype. We then give the client very accurate estimates on all of the production costs of turning that prototype or variations of that prototype into a finished product. We can give the client dozens of options ranging from different grades and types of materials, to color, embroidery, silk-screening, warehousing and shipping. There is a great deal of “back and forth” or flexibility either on or off-site until the client is completely satisfied. We can often come up with creative solutions that actually improve the original idea and allows it to come in with a lower than expected piece price. It is impossible to have this type of flexibility with an off-shore manufacturer. It is not just a matter of language, but of our designers being able to take your prototype “across the hall” and make on-the-spot changes to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce waste. We encourage all of our employees to contribute their ideas; it is amazing what happens when you let everyone in your manufacturing family feel free to express their creativity. ProductAbility specializes in flexible and creative sewing solutions. We deliver on-time and on-budget. If you have an idea or prototype you want turned into a marketable product or you already know what you need, ProductAbility can make it happen! Please fill out the Request a Quote Form below.

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